I have been a pit bull enthusiast since 1996 & a American Borqua

breeder since 2008 with a show history in U.K.C (United Kennel Club), A.D.B.A.

(Amercian Dog Breeder association) & A.B.K.C (American Bully Kennel Club).

Throughtout my years of breeding I've experienced many cases of theft, and in some scenario's

(dependent upon the bloodline) these bullys AND/OR pit bulls allowed it to happen due to loss of drive.

this brought about an idea to create a larger, more driven dog that could be used to protect the yard.

After some research, I found that a veterinarian in the 1960's by the name of John Bayard Swinford

had already created a similar hybrid to what i imagined, but unfortunately he died before he was able

to master a signature look and temperament. although his idea's & breedings were primarily based on

english mastiffs to gamey american pit bull terriers, it set forth an idea to create my own line of protector.

In 2005 I became interested in Neapolitan mastiffs (2nd oldest dog in history used in the Roman

coliseum's for various reasons, mainly to ward off). After researching several breeds, and contemplating

their ability, did I choose what I believe is best for my program, a hybrid with raw determination, that

could endure the most extreme conditions, with all the attributes needed to stop anything posing as a


I've structured numerous generations of a hybrid bloodline i refer to as American borqua. The intent

was to not just out produce most or all breeds in bone size & mass, but prey drive, agility and

protection as well.

Welcome to the new age American "borqua" in which I was the 1st to get this breed

acknowledged in the ABKC,...... and as well registered into. Currently in 2013 I now remain the

only registrar for the "American Bandogge" in the ABKC and continue to breed for excellence.

These dogs are not designed, bred, nor sold for fighting purposes, they are strictly companions which

may offer personal protection.

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